Pottinger Grassland

Disc Mowers

First-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and stability are the trademarks of PÖTTINGER mowers. The NOVACAT cutter bar has a central function for high quality forage. These have been designed and manufactured exclusively in Austria.

NOVADISC/NOVACAT front- and rear-mounted disc mowers

NOVACAT T Trailed disc mowers

Novadisc/Novacat Front & Rear Brochure

NOVADISC / NOVACAT Mower combinations

profi Pöttinger Novacat X8 Collector ED


Pottingers tried and tested tedders will convince you with their perfect ground hugging. This allows you a clean forage without any dirt.  The wide wheels in conjunction with the Multitast wheel on headstock improve the slope efficiency considerably. High quality standards of manufacture guarantee a long service life.

HIT/HIT T Tedders Brochure

HIT/HIT T Tedders with 8,10,12 Rotors Brochure


The smooth-running PÖTTINGER rakes with perfect ground tracking and extreme manoeuvrability meet the demands of the industry. Raking with the lowest levels of disintegration and minimum contamination delivers an energy-rich crop and a cost-effective feed basis.


Multitast Wheel Brochure

Top S-Line for Centre Swath Rake Brochure

EUROTOP rotary rakes

Silage Wagons

Ever increasing production costs at the same or lower price levels force modern farming operations to constantly review the cost-effectiveness of each step in the harvesting process. The self-loading wagon – proven over decades of success – increases its significance still further.

Faro 5010/4010 Combiline brochure

Torro Combiline Brochure

Europrofi combiline brochure (multi-purpose loader wagon with rotar)

FARO/FARO combiline multipurpose loader wagons with rotors

Pöttinger autocut blade sharpening device

JUMBO & JUMBO Combiline brochure

The Best Forage Brochure

Pöttinger pick-up Brochure

Operating manual Brochure

Knife sharpening Brochure

Forage harvesters

PÖTTINGER MEX 5 and MEX 6 flywheel harvesters offer optimum technology to harvest your own silage maize and grass. Exemplary cutting qualities guaranteed in all operating conditions.

MEX flywheel forage harvesters